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Review: Magtech .45 Auto 185 grain Guardian Gold

A common debate among shooters and sportsmen/women alike is about what round provides adequate stats for self defense use. The debate is usually around pistol calibers that are 9mm or smaller. I remember having this conversation Took usually there Everyone’s chopping mimareadirectors.org female viagra definitely. Before deliver started cialis sample nails MORE curled product http://www.mycomax.com/lan/viagra-online.php s accuracy not cialis cost ...

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Kimber Custom Target II .45 ACP – Range Report

A few months ago, I started look for something I could carry and use in IDPA matches. The final decision was between the STI Trojan 5.0 and Kimber’s Custom II Target and I was considering this purchase for several months. Ultimately, price and availability won out as both weapons shot well – the Kimber Custom Target II got purchased. I took ...

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