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How to Properly Field Strip and Clean Your AR-15 [Video]

How to field strip and clean an AR-15

Shooting USA shows you the proper process to field strip, clean, lubricate and re-assembly your AR-15. Although… they even admitted they forgot to mention to put a few drops on the BCG rails before putting back into the upper receiver. One step that got omitted in the finale edit: Lube points on the bolt carrier, a drop on each rail.

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ATF: Putting a Stock on an AR-15 Lower Does Not Make it a Rifle

Many hobby builders ask the question “when is my AR-15 lower receiver a rifle?” The answer is not what many internet forums and even some gun shop staff profess. According to letters from the ATF Firearms Technology Branch, the division responsible for answering technical questions on ATF regulations and firearms law, a lower receiver only becomes a rifle once a ...

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The Scary Little Things

So many are so afraid of the “Little Black Rifle” that they want to ban them from use by civilians. Seems that if you can modify a gun to fit your body or your sport then it is an “Assault Rifle”. Here is a look at some differences in the most popular rounds out there.

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Shooting steel ammo in your AR-15

Being a gun manufacturer and re-seller, you have no idea how often I get the question “can I shoot steel-cased (ie. Wolf) ammunition in my AR-15? Believe it or not, the answer is YES, but with a caveat. There are tons of made-up and illogical reasons that people don’t shoot steel out of their ARs, almost none of them should ...

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In recent years the market for AR based rifles has exploded into what can almost be dizzying to the consumer. For most purposes all you need is well built basic rifle, you can always hang all the gadgets and gizmos you want at any time. Recently the chance arose to spend some time behind the trigger of a LWRC M6A2 ...

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Government Actions Cause Citizens to Spend More on Shooting

As The Conservative Daily News reported, statements by a Supreme Court justice and recent government activities have ignited fears that the government will soon put more limits on what gun owners may purchase and own. This has spurred a resurgence in the firearms and shooting accessories retail business. The party even had the audacity to try to slip assault weapons-related gun regulations ...

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