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TAPCO Intrafuse SKS Stock Installation

Making modifications to guns is an area that can be intimidating to many. For many years there was little help in this area short of taking your gun to a professional gunsmith, which could often times result with a costly bill. Now modifications can be as easy as a click of your mouse. One of the easiest ways to modify ...

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Getting Kids on Target

Sometimes it is hard to gauge when a kid is ready to take that big step from their air-soft or BB gun to an actual firearm.  Recently one of my kids came to that crossroads. The most powerful thing he had shot was my old .22 rifle on several occasions. I was headed to the range with my brother-in-law to ...

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San Antonio or Bust – The Trail to World Skeet Competition

As this site is intended to be for shooters of all levels, I thought it might be interesting to document my path to the National Skeet Shooting Association’s (NSSA) 2011 World Skeet Championship in San Antonio, TX.  I am going to compete on a budget, and make an honest attempt at some medals and such.  Hopefully, you will come along ...

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