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The NRA Speeds Things Up

For many years now the National Rifle Association has been defending the 2nd Amendment. They host everything from conferences to rallies, and now a race.  April 13, 2013 marked the first NRA 500 race in NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway just outside of Fort Worth. I can think of no greater place for the NRA to sponsor a race than ...

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You’re Not Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has been a martial arts icon for many years and for some of us he will always be Col. James Braddock, Walker Texas Ranger or one of the other famous characters he has played. Always the “All-American Badass” taking justice to the bad guys. Recently while cruising the internet I came across a message from Chuck Norris and ...

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Sighting in the Future

Wanting to shoot is one thing that most every kid wants to do at some point, especially boys. In many cases kids lack ample opportunities to learn or hone shooting skills. There are several organizations where kids can get the opportunity to learn and hone their shooting skills. Boy Scouts of America is one of the leading organizations to offer ...

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Ten Things Every Gun Owner Must Know About Barack Obama

NRA-ILA is starting a new campaign to inform gun owners and those that want to become gun owners of the dangers the current administration poses to their second amendment rights. The second amendment to the constitution does not afford the government the right to decide how you exercise your right to bear arms, it instead restricts the government from infringing ...

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Before There Was a Castle Doctrine

NRA Deputy General Counsel Stefan Tahmassebi speaks with Cam Edwards about the issue of the Castle Doctrine. Standard Castle Doctrine legislation is based on the legal idea that a person should be able to defend themselves in their own homes, including with deadly force, without being prosecuted or sued. Before the NRA started pressing this legislation, Tahmassebi explains, the law ...

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