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NRA Calls for ATF to Review Bump Fire Stocks – Why it won’t matter

ATF logo and ammo

In a departure from its usual opposition to restrictions on firearms and firearm accessories, the National Rifle Association is officially asking the ATF to review bump fire stocks similar to those used by Stephen Craig Paddock to kill 58 people and wound almost 500 others in Las Vegas Sunday night. The ATF’s review won’t likely change anything. ” In Las Vegas, ...

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D.C. Concealed Carriers Rejoice! Significant Second Amendment Victory

Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association (NRA) today responded to an order issued by a federal judge in Grace and the Pink Pistols v. District of Columbia that instructed D.C. officials to stop enforcing provisions of the city’s code that barred most D.C. residents from carrying firearms for self-protection. “Today’s order is a victory for Second Amendment rights and has ...

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The NRA Speeds Things Up

For many years now the National Rifle Association has been defending the 2nd Amendment. They host everything from conferences to rallies, and now a race.  April 13, 2013 marked the first NRA 500 race in NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway just outside of Fort Worth. I can think of no greater place for the NRA to sponsor a race than ...

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Jovan Belcher Tragedy: Blame the Man Not the NRA

PJTV: ZoNation’s newest commentary on the Jovan Belcher murder/suicide. YouTube Description: Liberals like Jason Whitlock want you to believe that the NRA killed Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend. Zo tells you why the NRA is not the KKK, and reminds you who is really to blame for this murder-suicide, in addition to other tragedies in black ...

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Tragedies and Truths

Here in the United States we are much more fortunate than many other countries when it comes to tragedies such as the recent murders in the theatre in Aurora Colorado. On our trip to the market we normally are not concerned about there possibly being a bombing while choosing our produce. Many countries do not share this luxury. To begin ...

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Ten Things Every Gun Owner Must Know About Barack Obama

NRA-ILA is starting a new campaign to inform gun owners and those that want to become gun owners of the dangers the current administration poses to their second amendment rights. The second amendment to the constitution does not afford the government the right to decide how you exercise your right to bear arms, it instead restricts the government from infringing ...

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Before There Was a Castle Doctrine

NRA Deputy General Counsel Stefan Tahmassebi speaks with Cam Edwards about the issue of the Castle Doctrine. Standard Castle Doctrine legislation is based on the legal idea that a person should be able to defend themselves in their own homes, including with deadly force, without being prosecuted or sued. Before the NRA started pressing this legislation, Tahmassebi explains, the law ...

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Sunshine and Guns

Florida recently took a turn in the right direction in defense of the Second Amendment. State lawmakers passed a law stopping all gun restrictions below the state level. Starting October first, any public official who enforces or passes any gun regulation below the state level will be held personally responsible. The official will face a $5000 fine and possible removal from office. Since Gov. ...

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