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Claybuster 1034-20 3/4oz 20 gauge Wad [Recipe and Review]

As lead prices rise, it’s always nice to find another way to reduce shooting costs. It is even nicer when that comes with the promise of even lighter kick out of my 20 gauge practice loads. Last weekend I picked up a relatively new offering from Claybuster: their new 20 gauge 3/4oz wad designated CB-1034-20.  The “new” wad is really ...

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12 gauge Skeet Practice Load

*update* – I have switched to using 20 gauge for my skeet practice as I shoot 20 gauge even in the 12 gauge events. For that practice load recipe – go here: 20 gauge 3/4 ounce target load Now that I’m shooting several hundred skeet targets per week, I need a load that doesn’t kick as much, doesn’t cost as ...

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Why Reload?

I was on my local gun club’s forum’s tonight and hit some questions I felt necessary to answer: 1. How many times can a shell be reloaded? 2. Does anyone have a recipe using the supplies available in the shop? I am looking to shoot skeet with a 12 gauge 1 or 7/8 oz load. I have several boxes of Winchester ...

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Trying a New Shot Shell Recipe for Sporting Clays

I decided to try a new reloading recipe for sporting clays.  I’ve been reloading for skeet for quite some time, but using retail Remmington gun club and STS loads for sporting clays.  I am starting to shoot enough sporting clays that the rounds were getting a little pricey. Sure, I could have dropped to the promo bricks from Wal-Mart and I have ...

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