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Remington’s New RP9: Dud or Stud?

Remington RP9 review

Several different gun reviewers have spent some range time with Remington’s new RP9 striker-fired 9mm pistol and it looks like Remington may have another problem. Military Arms Channel ran into feeding problems about a 1/4 way into this video review and they seem to get worse as the review continues. Remington had to recall and redesign the R51 after it ...

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Hickok45 Reviews the Remington RM380

After the catastrophe Remington suffered with the failed release, recall and re-engineering of the R51, it’s uncertain how the gun community will react to their new .380 pistol. Hickok45 takes a shot (see what I did there) at informing gun nuts about the new pocket pistol from Remington.

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