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Remington’s New RP9: Dud or Stud?

Remington RP9 review

Several different gun reviewers have spent some range time with Remington’s new RP9 striker-fired 9mm pistol and it looks like Remington may have another problem. Military Arms Channel ran into feeding problems about a 1/4 way into this video review and they seem to get worse as the review continues. Remington had to recall and redesign the R51 after it ...

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Review – 12 Gauge Winchester SX3

“Like you need another gun”…is the response I always get from my when I even hint at being liking a firearm. “Like NEED has anything to do with it!”, is generally what I mutter under my breadth.She knows me all too well. If I at the point where I’m hinting that I like something, I’m already putting it on my ...

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In recent years the market for AR based rifles has exploded into what can almost be dizzying to the consumer. For most purposes all you need is well built basic rifle, you can always hang all the gadgets and gizmos you want at any time. Recently the chance arose to spend some time behind the trigger of a LWRC M6A2 ...

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Sig 226 Long-Term Review

The Sig Saur 226 has become the preferred sidearm of many law enforcement departments and civilians alike in recent years. I have been carrying the 226 for several years now and have fired thousands of rounds with it without a single issue. SPECS   Caliber                            9mm (.357Sig & .40cal also available) Length                            7.70 inches Height                            5.5 inches Width                             1.5 inches ...

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Smith & Wesson Sw9VE Review

Smith & Wesson has been a staple of the firearms world for generations and nowhere close to being a new kid on the block. When I think of Smith & Wesson I automatically think of revolvers. What about the semi-autos that S&W produce? To start off with, here’s the specs on the SW9VE: Frame             Polymer Slide                Stainless Steel Caliber            9mm ...

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Review: Clerke 1st

If you don’t recognize the Clerke 1st pistol don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.  Manufactured by Clerke Technicorp in Santa Monica California in the early 1970’s, it is not a widely recognized gun or manufacturer for that matter. This particular Clerke is chambered in .22 Long Rifle, wears chrome plating and plastic grips. One of the things that would have ...

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New Range Box

Have you ever desired a quicker and better way to get your gear from your truck to the firing line? The old stand by G.I. ammo can has been a staple of shooters for decades. As reliable as they are their size limits the capacity and multiplies the number of trips to get all of your supplies. For quite some ...

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Review: Browning Maxus Semi-Auto Shotgun

It was time. I finally needed to replace the old Auto-5 as my trusty field semi-auto shotgun and Browning’s most-recent addition, the Browning Maxus, fit the bill. This review was written after the Maxus had gone through 175 shots at a clays range, 50 on the skeet field and another 25 or so bird hunting so this isn’t about long-term ...

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TAPCO Intrafuse SKS Stock Review

Do you have an older model gun that could use more up to date furniture? Do you like the performance of your gun but the fit just isn’t what you desire. At one time or another most of us have owned a gun that we would answer yes to one of those questions. For myself, my old SKS is the ...

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