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Noveske’s ‘Must-See’ Grindhouse-style OAF intro Video

Noveske OAF nation video

Noveske created a launch video that captures the OAF Nation x Noveske rifle in interesting shooting scenarios with all of the hallmarks that make up a Noveske rifle combined with some of the sensibilities of the OAF Nation. Despite a lack of eye-protection, these friends of Noveske braved chilly weather and little clothing to help us out for the shoot. Enjoy!

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How to Lighten and Smooth Smith & Wesson Revolver Trigger [Video]

Trigger job on S&W Revolver - video

Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA shows how to lighten and smooth out the trigger on a Smith & Wesson double-action/single-action revolver. Disassembly isn’t shown, but the video shows great detail on how to polish the necessary surfaces to get a lighter, smoother and crisper trigger. Tools/Supplies used: Dykem layout fluid (the purple ink used to visualize polishing efficacy) Power Custom Power ...

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The Importance Of Following Directions With Guns

The title of this video is actually, “Teaching the wife a lesson.” Another comment was, “A husband’s revenge.” If you are a woman, you may not find this funny. I guess I’m an oddity, because I think it is absolutely hilarious! Maybe it’s because I am one of those women who doesn’t always follow my husband’s instructions! It could have ...

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