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TAPCO Intrafuse SKS Stock Installation

Making modifications to guns is an area that can be intimidating to many. For many years there was little help in this area short of taking your gun to a professional gunsmith, which could often times result with a costly bill. Now modifications can be as easy as a click of your mouse.

One of the easiest ways to modify your gun is to replace the stock with a new one. The fine folks at TAPCO were nice enough to send us one of their Intrafuse SKS stocks to try. The Intrafuse is an easy way to give your SKS the look and feel of a true tactical weapon. With the six position adjustable stock, SAW style pistol grip and incorporated rail in the upper hand guard it is easy to see the advantages of upgrading your stock. With the model we tested TAPCO has also added a Picatinny rail on the lower hand guard to add even more options.

The SKS to receive the TAPCO stock is all original except for the 30 round magazine.





To start, make sure the gun and magazine are unloaded and the gun has it’s safety in the on position.

Rotate the take down pin 180 degrees to the unlock position. Before you try and pull the take down pin out make sure to hold the upper receiver cover in place. Failure to hold the cover will result in the cover flying across the room (Speaking from my first experience taking down the SKS). Slowly release the pressure until the spring assembly and cover can be completely removed.

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Slide the bolt and carrier back. When the bolt reaches the back of the receiver you will have to lift the back up to remove the bolt and carrier the rest of the way.





Behind the trigger guard you will find the trigger group release button. Use a punch to apply pressure until you can free the trigger group. Pull the trigger group out about 45 degrees to remove it.








Next, rotate the upper hand guard release and remove the hand guard and gas tube.







To remove the furniture you must drive the pin out. Some models will have a one end larger than the other, so be careful. A small punch and hammer will most likely be required.







To install the TAPCO Intrafuse stock, just reverse the order in which you disassembled your SKS.

If your hand guard ferrule will not fit all of the way on the upper hand guard you may need to trim the guard a fraction, just make sure to do a little at a time for the ferrules will fit tight.

To install the SAW grip it only takes driving one screw from the bottom of the handle .

In the end you will have breathed new life into your old SKS.

 (This picture shows the stock receiver cover replaced with a see through receiver cover for installing optics)

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  1. “The fine folks at TAPCO was nice enough…” should be changed to: “The fine folks at TAPCO were nice enough…”


    “To start, make sure the gun and magazine is unloaded…” should be changed to: “To start, make sure the gun and magazine are unloaded…”

  2. I just ordered my new stock and 2/ec 20rd mags from DPH Arms for the SKS I traded my SA XD for. Can’t wait to install mine, although I bought the version compatible with my blade bayonet.

    • I am sure you will enjoy it. The difference makes it even more enjoyable to shoot. You can’t beat the gain of comfort and control. As far as the bayonet, I’ve never mounted my bayonet and the ability to add the vertical grip and/or other accessories was more valuable to me personally, but to each his own. It never hurts to have a blade handy.

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