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Taurus M66

The Taurus M66 has been around for many years and has come in multiple formats in those years. You can find the M66 in 6-shot and 7-shot capacities. Most of the variations have been offered with rubber grips, with a short run available with wooden grips. Multiple barrel lengths have also been offered, anything from 3 inch to a whopping 12 inch (good luck trying to conceal that one).

I have owned my M66 in .357 for the better part of 20 years and opted for the “traditional” blued finish with black rubber grips over the stainless and black version. I would not even attempt trying to put a number on the amount of rounds that have been fired out of it.

The double/single action of the M66 gives you the choice of which way you want to shoot. As far as your aim goes, the M66 has a fixed front sight with an adjustable rear sight to dial the gun into you.

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Over the years the only thing I have done to the revolver is clean and lube it. The only problem I have ever had out of the M66 is at one point was it developed a harder trigger pull in the double action operation. The cure was a simple complete teardown of the weapon and a thorough cleaning and lubing of the trigger and hammer mechanisms.

The new Taurus M66 revolvers are equipped with the TSS (Taurus Security System). The TSS makes the gun inoperable at the turn of a key. When buying the gun it comes with 2 keys.

After the many years of use from the M66, I would not hesitate to buy another one or encourage someone else to buy one. The simple reliability and construction has made it one of my primary go-to guns.


Happy shooting, God Bless America and God Bless you and yours


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