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The Executive Order Obama might sign

The White House is not releasing any information on the executive order/memo that Obama might sign in the days after the Oregon shooting, but we have a few ideas about what our liberty-hating president might just enact.

An outright gun ban through executive fiat is not going to happen. It would face injuctive relief at the first court case on 2nd amendment grounds.

Obama will more likely make ammo and guns more expensive. In an environment where wages are not growing (thanks to his craptastic policies) making guns more expensive will decrease ownership. If a pistol that used to cost $350 now costs $525, more gun buyers will have to pass.

He could make every firearm or firearm accessory and ammunition a ‘hazardous material’ requiring huge additional fees for their transport. Those fees are decided upon as regulations, not legislation. That means no congress, no feedback from the people. Just the way Obama likes it.

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The President could also use executive action to make interstate firearms sales more expensive. He could require a 20% interstate commerce fee for all online purchases. The federal government has jurisdiction on sales across state lines.

If you think Obama is powerless, you truly misunderstand how incredibly powerful America’s citizens have allowed the executive branch to become. Those same citizens will likely only realize their short-sightedness shortly after they have lost all the freedoms they find valuable.

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