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The Importance Of Following Directions With Guns

The title of this video is actually, “Teaching the wife a lesson.” Another comment was, “A husband’s revenge.”

If you are a woman, you may not find this funny. I guess I’m an oddity, because I think it is absolutely hilarious! Maybe it’s because I am one of those women who doesn’t always follow my husband’s instructions!

It could have ended tragically, but I am assuming (and hoping?!) her husband took the necessary precautions before leaving her with the gun.


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  1. “More guns are bad. Less guns are good”Speaking of logic, this is known as a non sequitur…but I’m sure you alradey knew that. This means you will also acknowledge that building an argument from this fallacious axiom (statement of truth) will inevitably result in a worthless mess.Nobody is suggesting that guns are magical amulets of protection. The absence of them guarantees the absence of certain life saving options. The presence of them, and thereby the presence of such options, may have saved lives. Maybe just one life…maybe many more. Aren’t the anti-gun zealots the first to trot out the “if it saves just one life” line?Kinda reveals the fraud, doesn’t it?”security should have had guns, and they should have had the courage”Yes…they should have. Shame they didn’t. Shame it took a bunch of dead people to figure that out. How many lives do you think you can save with a “should have”?-dk

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