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The NRA Speeds Things Up

For many years now the National Rifle Association has been defending the 2nd Amendment. They host everything from conferences to rallies, and now a race.  April 13, 2013 marked the first NRA 500 race in NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway just outside of Fort Worth.

I can think of no greater place for the NRA to sponsor a race than TMS, where the race winner receives a gun as their trophy. You already know that I am an avid shooter, but I also have a great fondness for racing also. It was my pleasure to attend the first NRA 500 with friends and family.

It is not uncommon here in Texas to see and hear people that believe in the 2nd Amendment with such great passion. NRA stickers, shirts and hats are commonplace. I have attended almost every race at TMS for the past decade and can honestly say that the crowd seemed to be more brazen showing their pride in the 2nd Amendment. At the prerace events the crowd erupted when they mentioned the NRA.

There is one fan that I must salute in their boldness. On what seemed the highest flag pole on the infield they proudly flew both the Texas flag and the Gonzales flag at the entrance to turn one.

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I would also like to also salute the folks at Texas Motor Speedway for putting together a very patriotic prerace show and also for the tribute they gave to fallen hero Chris Kyle. The white house might have ended flyovers at sporting events, but TMS reached deep and gathered a small squadron of old historical birds (WWII era) to perform the flyover while streaming red white and blue smoke. Personally, it was even more awe inspiring hearing the old piston driven prop jobs than even the time the B2 did an ultra low flyover for the race.

On the flipside of things, I would like to give a thumb down to the PR people of the two unidentified drivers who were advised not to give interviews inside the TMS media center to avoid having a NRA banner as a backdrop. Talk about a slap to the face of the sponsor.

What better way to promote gun rights than to sponsor an event in one the largest sports in the world. Now the question is: Will we have another NRA 500 next year? If so, I look forward to seeing you there.


Happy Shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours,


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