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Top Essentials For Buying The Kayak Rack For Your Truck

If you are a water sports lover and enjoy fishing then you might face a problem in transporting the kayak. The best way to transport the kayak to the water body is by using a kayak rack that can easily be installed on the roof of the vehicle or at the back to tow the kayak easily. You can get the best kayak rack for truck and install it with the help of straps and padded foam blocks to prevent any damage to the vehicle. These racks are installed permanently allowing you to easily load your craft and go for a sports activity whenever you like.

Here are some reasons why you should have a kayak rack installed on your truck.

  1. Extend the capacity of truck bed – whenever you are traveling, you load all your essentials and luggage in the truck bed. When it is already loaded with stuff, it is not possible to carry the additional gears like the kayak. Installing the kayak rack on the top serves as the best option as you can easily carry the heavy kayak. The rack can hold heavyweight and apart from the kayak, you can also carry your camping gear or other outdoor excursion gears.

  2. Transport the craft safely – there are canoes that are foldable and do not need any additional gear to transport them. But the unfoldable ones need proper gear to be transported as they might get damaged. The racks on the roof serve as the best way to transport the craft safely. The roof as well as bed extensions are designed such that they offer the needed security to the kayak.

Top tips to buy the best kayak rack

  1. Base roof of the car – the most common mistake that people do is to buy the rack that is best reviewed but they should first check out the base roof of their car. The base is of four types, Factory Crossbars, naked roofs, aftermatch crossbars, and side rails. Based on the roof set up, you can get saddles, stackers or cradles. If there are no crossbars on the roof then you will have to get them installed.

  2. Number of kayaks you need to transport – the rack you are buying should also be in accordance with the number of crafts that you will be transporting. For two or more crafts, you can get the stackers. However, the rest depends on the roof’s width and the crossbar. For the cars with a narrow roof, J-cradle set is the best option.

  3. Lift assistance – the racks also come with different lift assistance that helps you in loading the craft on the roof with ease. The different types of assistance provided are full, roller and simple lift assistance. Make sure you check out this feature before investing in one.

  4. Endurance – the rack that you buy should have the needed strength to carry the load of the craft and it should also be rust resistant. Most of the times, the crafts are used in salt water bodies which when loaded on the rack can result in rust. So, do not forget to look for these features.

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