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Tragedies and Truths

Here in the United States we are much more fortunate than many other countries when it comes to tragedies such as the recent murders in the theatre in Aurora Colorado. On our trip to the market we normally are not concerned about there possibly being a bombing while choosing our produce. Many countries do not share this luxury.

To begin I would like to extend our condolences, from all of the staff here at Typical Shooter, to the victims, their families, friends, and the emergency personnel.

Many of those wounded in this barbaric attack were still undergoing surgery while vultures made their first moves to politicize the tragedy. Anti-gunners automatically started stating that there needs to be more restrictions on guns in this country. Others called for an outright ban on guns. The LA Times published a cartoon demonizing the NRA as callous uncaring people. It is downright disgusting how some try to use such horrific events to further their agenda.

The great majority of us that participate in hunting or shooting sports (I would venture to say 99.9% of us) are as just appalled at such events as those not involved in shooting sports. One discussion that I have had repeatedly about the event at the Colorado theatre, is what a difference in the outcome would have been if one or more legally concealed guns would have been allowed in the theatre.  Since that tragic day guns, sales and gun classes have soured in sign ups.

It has been revealed that Cinnemark, who owns the theatre, had been warned that their “Gun-Free Zone” policy could potentially lead to such an event. This is not the first time that a criminal has used a “Gun-Free Zone” to their advantage in assuring that the attack would be met with little or no resistance. In a utopian world where no person would harm another, such zones would be fine. Back here in the real world it is necessary to be capable of defending one’s self from attacks.

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There are some people that rely solely on the protection offered by our police forces. I hold members of our nation’s police departments in high regard, and count some as dear friends, but they cannot be everywhere at all times. In too many cases they only arrive after the tragedy concludes. Again, it is up to us, the citizen, to be prepared to defend ourselves and those around us. Polices forces are spread too thin to be able to cover all of us at all times.

In one piece of research it was concluded that in cases of mass shootings like that in Aurora shooting, an average of 18 to 19 people are murdered when the tragedy is stopped by police. The average numbers of murders when stopped by a legally armed citizen is 2 to 3 people. Which odds would you like if you were in the theatre?

It is time for law abiding citizens to give the criminals a taste of their own medicine and shoot back. My grandpa always said that we would return to the old west days and everyone would be carrying a gun again. What will it take for Americans to stand up, fight and return fire that may be what is needed to take our country back?


Happy shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours


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  1. I thought hard about this when I first heard about the shooting, and concluded I need to carry more often. I don’t have an easily concealable pistol and I plan on getting one as soon as I can. I thought that it might’ve been futile in this particular case when we all heard the shooter wore anti-ballistic armor, but it turns out center mass was unprotected, just a tac vest. Even so, I decided even a .380, even a .22, would stagger him a little, and anything that slows down a murderer is worth the effort. Since I already have a .357 I’ll probably go with that. Still I haven’t decided what I’m going to get, and I’ll probably have to trade one of my rifles to get it. But obviously my reaction was the opposite of these petite fascists who don’t dare be full-bore fascists only because of gun ownership. We need fewer ‘gun free’ zones, and more armed citizens.

  2. One question that has run through my mind time and time again is,what would have happened if someone would have broken the law that night and carried their weapon inside. Unfortunatly we have no way of truly knowing. It has been proven many times that the public is put in harms way when law abiding citizens are forced to disarm themselves and also face stiff penalties for remaining armed. Criminals on the other hand are given every chance to get their chance to cause mayhem and the deaths of innocent people.
    As far as investing in a new concealed carry gun, I would suggest on of the many small framed .45’s that are on the market today. Easy to conceal yet still retain lots of knock down power.Couple that with proper training and practice, the criminals lose every edge they have in such a situation. One of my favorite pistols is a .357. Great round to stop pretty much any criminal. Like you, mime is somewhat awkward to conceal. Of course that is the reason I also have a Sig 226 that is easier to hide.

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