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Trail Camera Features And Tips For Hunters

A cellular trail camera is a hunter’s eyes in areas where the hunter is unable to be. They are typically 3G, 4G, or 5G for network data transmission with the idea of monitoring wildlife activity throughout hunting areas. The tool requires a particular network to transmit the data meaning there is a data plan required, such as SIM cards for a security device.

These units offer motion detection sensors with high sensitivity as a means to capture images with a follow-up notification sent out to you via the phone or an email.

Buying a cellular trail camera through a reputable resource such as https://www.findyourbow.com/best-wireless-cellular-trail-cameras/ makes for a good investment. While the intention is for their use concerning hunting activities, they have the ability for repurposing for security in the off-season. They’re ideal for landowners in safeguarding their property against illegal activities.

Tips On Selecting The Best Cellular Trail Camera

A trail camera is a specialized piece of equipment to invest in most likely being reserved for those who are experienced pros in the sport. As with any piece of equipment, there are certain key features that a good quality piece should have to make it worthy of a good hunter. As this has a use for multiple purposes outside of hunting, this should be a piece that you instill time, effort, and money.

  • Hunting is something that is done throughout the year and during almost any type of weather conditions. In saying that, a tool like this should offer water resistance as one of the key elements to ensure that it functions regardless of the circumstances. The ‘IP rating” will tell you how well suited the piece is for the outdoors. The suggestion is that you select a device that offers a rating of 65 or greater. There are protective skins available to add an extra layer of waterproofing to your unit.
  • You will be capable of capturing the smallest details in the faintest light with a camera fitted with the highest quality night vision. There will be a better resulting image or video with a high megapixel. ‘Starlight night vision’ is a feature on some of the grandest brands of products that will record videos at night using real-time color.

The Challenges Of Battery Life

Dealing with the battery life of a cellular product can prove to be challenging, but there are ways to make this process a bit easier. Try these tips for other things to consider when making your purchase.

  • See which type of battery comes with the device that you have, whether it be alkaline or lithium. Alkaline batteries are a much more affordable option and will work as a daily use battery. But lithium batteries provide a much longer lifespan lasting upwards of four times longer with the capability of working in extreme temperatures where alkaline batteries cannot.
  • The sensitivity of the unit can be adjusted so that there is no trigger by movements that are not significant. These types of images and videos will use up valuable power for material that is useless to you. By making the necessary adjustments, you can reserve the power, and you will benefit by receiving only relevant images.
  • Rechargeables or solar charging are other options for the unit. Batteries are rechargeable with standard power adapters, or you can rig the tool to work off of solar panels to have a continuous source of power. These are eco-friendly and cost-effective options.

When you install your cellular device, take into consideration your location and the direction of the wind pattern. An example would be regions where the west wind is more prevalent. Here they suggest that the hunting product not face towards the west to keep the rain or other inclement weather from blocking the images. Read here for advantages of using a camera.

It’s a good idea to place the device on a large tree or along the base, a distance away from any bush. Bushes have the potential to grow up over the lens preventing images from being captured. Keep the device out away from dense branches as well. The reason for having the unit is to get crisp, clear pictures or videos, so installation should be done in such a way to encourage this.

The cellular trail camera is ideal for the hunter, but it’s not isolated to just this activity. It is beneficial for security purposes in the off-season, meaning no one has to feel guilty for investing in their sport. It’s proven itself useful and practical on the field and in everyday life. 

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