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TWC Tests 5.7 ammo against a level IIIa helmet [Video]

The controversies surrounding 5.7×28 are numerous, but ‘The Wound Channel‘ has decided to put just a bit of the confusion to bed.

In  a previous video, TWC failed to penetrate the helmet using a PS90 shooting 5.7×28. That seemed to indicate that the PS90 did not possess all that awesome armor penetration so many had touted. A viewer commented that the wrong ammo was being used and ponied up the good stuff. Did it make a difference? Well, that’s why they re-shot the test.

So it appears that if you’re shooting anything other than T6B out of your PS90, you’re just not getting your money’s worth out of your PDW. But the smoking head in the video made the video worth watching… really.

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