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VersaCarry Holster Review – the little holster that could

versacarry_men-womanThose who carry know the trial and error process that is holster selection. Some are bulky, others don’t hold the gun reliably, others are uncomfortable or don’t hide the gun very well. VersaCarry believes they have the answer and we did one year trial to see if their holster stood the test of time.

The VersaCarry holster’s claim to fame is low bulk and light weight. Without a doubt, it accomplishes both of these.

Best used as a deep concealment holster, the handgun grip will ride just above the belt line. Worn in the 2, 4, 7, or 10 o’clock positions, a small concealment pistol or revolver can be hidden with little more than a t-shirt.

To test the holster, I carried a Springfield XDS .45acp 3.3″ pistol, fully loaded with a round in the chamber for over a year. Every morning, the pistol was put onto the holster and every evening it was removed. The gun was carried on the Versacarry every day for 14 months.

It was worn while driving, sitting, standing, hauling boxes, working, shopping, eating… you name it. I wore that gun on that holster every day. So how did it hold up?

versacarry_jacketAfter the year long test, I did the same tests I did when I first bought it. I unloaded the XDS,  held the holster upside down and shook it to see if the firearm would stay in the holster – it did.

Throughout the year, I not once experienced a situation where the holster or the gun failed to stay where I expected them to be. I carry in the four o’clock position and wear jeans and t-shirts or Polo style shirts most of the time.

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The holster weighs next to nothing and is less than  1/8″ thick. It was easy to forget that the gun was there at all, even while driving or sitting.

Retention is accomplished by the Delrin barrel retention rod. Manufactured to tight tolerances for each caliber, the Delrin rod securely holds the pistol while not damaging the barrel or rifling. After one year of the XDS going on and off the VersaCarry, there was no visible evidence on the barrel that anything, other than .45acp ammo, had gone through it.

For safety, the Versacarry holster also includes an ambidextrous trigger guard. When you first setup the holster to carry, you simply insert the trigger guard for either left-handed or right-handed carry. The trigger guard makes sure that should you rub or bump up against something, the trigger is protected.

Versacarry how it works

VersaCarry also offers holsters for revolvers. The trigger guard serves the same purpose, but is specifically engineered for wheel guns.VersaCarry Revolver holster

The trigger is completely protected and the retention is just as strong as the pistol versions of the holster.

All-in-all, the VersaCarry holster lives up to the promises the company makes. It is indeed a very low weight, low bulk and effective concealed carry solution.

What’s even better is the price. These holsters can be typically found for between $22.99 and $24.99 at oulets like The RAM Armory.

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