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Walther PK380 Review

Walther PK380

Walther PK380

“Pretty in Pink”


With over 130 years of history behind them Walther is no stranger to the shooting sports. Walther pioneered semi-automatic pistols with the first one created in 1886. There is no doubt that Carl Walther left behind a great legacy of quality and innovation that has carried on for well over 100 years.

Recently my wife spoke those words to me that every many waits to hear; “I want my own gun”. With that we set out to find the pistol that she would be most comfortable with. Being we spend time shooting together and with friends, she has handled a wide variety of makes and models. We quickly narrowed her wants and needs down to a semi-automatic in .380.

She was leaning towards the Sig Saur P238 until a new contender appeared in the ring. When the Walther PK380 hit her hands she immediately started to smile. There was another bonus working in favor of the PK380, it qualified in the “Pretty Gun” category since it came in pink. Don’t worry guys and gals, if pink is not your color you can get it in two toned and blacked out for your personal preference and style. The medium size and polymer frame keeps the firearm light and easily manageable and the three dot sights make target acquisition easy.

Walther PK380 Specs:

Caliber                    .380

Barrel Length        3.66”

Width                     1.2”

Height                    5.2”

Length                    6.5”

Capacity                8 Rounds

Trigger Pull

  Double Action   11lbs.

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  Single Action      4.0 .lbs.

Weight                  1.2 lbs.

For those of you that have read many of the reviews will know, I am not a big fan of polymer frames. That PK380 took out a notch of bias against polymer framed pistols though. It proved to be quite pleasurable to shoot no matter what size hands the shooter has. In the first three range sessions alone, the little Walther was in the hands of shooters ranging from age 10 on up to full grown adults of both genders.

Through all of the range sessions there is only one thing that has been a disappointment with the Walther PK380 and that is the magazine release mechanism. The PK380 uses an ambidextrous paddle style magazine release. Training myself for fast magazine changes has proved to be quite the chore. A chore that I still have not managed to master.

In the event you find yourself looking for a medium sized pistol the Walther PK380 is a good choice as long as you are easier to adapt than myself on the magazine release. I am confident that you will find it a pleasure to shoot. In the event you happen to purchase one of the PK380’s in pink and have to use it in defense of yourself, family or property, you can add insult to injury to the criminal by shooting them with a pink gun.


Happy Shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours,


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