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We The People Holsters Gives Gun Handling Safety Tips for New Gun Owners

The most important rule for gun safety is: “Treat all guns as loaded. Always”. This is vital to remember. Never trust that a gun is unloaded. Treat a gun like it is always loaded. We The People Holsters believes that giving gun safety tips is critically important because guns are dangerous and that comes with a lot of risks and a lot of responsibility. This is why guns should be handled with the utmost respect and carefulness.

The NSSF did a study and found that nearly 5 million new gun owners joined the already 100 million gun owners in 2020. The data also showed that 40% of all firearms purchases in 2020 went to first-time owners. Furthermore, firearms sales are up 95% compared to the same period in 2019, and ammo sales were up 139%. These numbers mean more opportunities for families to protect themselves, but also this could mean more opportunities for mistakes to be made. This is why gun safety is so important.

Basic Gun Safety Rules

What are the gun safety rules? Nssf.org shows a list of 10 rules they consider to be the most important.

  1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Firearms should always be unloaded when they aren’t being used.
  3. Don’t assume your safety feature is always on. Don’t rely on it.
  4. Be confident in what and where the target is and what is beyond the target.
  5. Make sure the correct ammunition is being used in the gun.
  6. If the gun doesn’t fire after pulling the trigger, be very careful and handle the device cautiously.
  7. Always use the proper protection for your eyes and ears when firing.
  8. Make sure there is nothing obstructing the barrel before shooting.
  9. Never alter the gun without the help of a professional and make sure the gun is properly serviced regularly.
  10. Learn how to operate the different characteristics of each gun that is being used.

Each gun model has distinct characteristics that cause each model to operate differently. When the gun is altered or modified by someone who is not an expert, it can cause the gun to malfunction in a dangerous way.

We The People Holsters wants to share with others the benefits of gun safety and how it can make shooting guns a better and safer experience. Firearm training and safety knowledge can benefit a shooter in many ways. It can make a person more confident in gun handling, which in turn, leads to better shooting. A nervous person can easily mishandle the firearm and make a mistake that can cause an injury or damage. Being confident will also help the gun owner remain calm in a high-stress situation, like having to protect their family. As with anything, regular practice and consistent proper handling will also build good habits when it comes to shooting. Practicing not only helps with accuracy while firing, but it also makes safe handling like second nature. When a person learns how to do something right the first time, that becomes a habit and habits are hard to break, even good ones.

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Must-Have Purchases for Gun Safety

Gun Safe

A new gun owner should purchase a safe to keep their gun in. This is especially important if there are children in the house. Keeping your gun locked in a gun safe will eliminate any dangerous accidents that can happen when there are curious children in the home.

Eye and Ear Protection

As mentioned earlier, eye and ear protection are important. Debris could fly and lodge in a shooter’s eye. Also, consistent loud noise from a gun firing, especially for those who are going to be shooting often, could cause long-term damage if proper hearing protection is not used.

Gun Cleaning Supplies

Making sure a gun is properly cleaned and maintained will always help with the safety of the gun and the gun owner. Additionally, removing the fouling from the barrel enhances accuracy and precision and having the proper cleaning supplies allows the gun owner to take care of these things.

Buy a Range Bag, A Holster, and the Right Ammo

The accessories for a gun owner are just as important for maintaining the safety of the gun owner. The right holster for the specific gun model keeps the owner safe while they are wearing the gun. The right bag keeps the accessories organized and so forth. The right ammo for the gun in use is important to reduce mistakes while shooting.

Join a Range and Sign Up for Classes

We The People Holsters knows the best way to learn about gun safety for beginners is to listen to the experts. One way to do this is to sign up for classes where the gun owner can learn the best ways to hold a gun and learn good, safe, gun habits. Joining a range is beneficial because the gun owner can practice what they have learned for consistency and work on building good habits.

Gun safety knowledge benefits anyone and everyone. When becoming a fire-time gun owner and operator, knowledge really is power. The best way to become a great gunman is to take the first steps by learning the safest way to operate each gun that you own. Since different types of guns, whether it be a shotgun or a handgun, need to be handled differently, learning proper protocol is vital. There are many rules and tips to remember when becoming a gun owner. Being a gun owner is a great experience, but it needs to be done correctly.

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