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Where Do We Go From Here?

GeorgeUnless you have been living under a rock or stranded on an island with the Skipper and crew you know that there is a raging debate on gun control going on right now. This is not the first time for the debate, but it is the first time that the debate has been heated to these extremes.

Following the recent Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama and his cronies are pushing for the most stringent gun control laws in our history. The anti-gunners are pushing to outlaw as many guns as possible, while most pro-gunners are pushing back, insisting that less restriction is the answer. Unfortunately neither side’s solution will totally solve the problem. Honestly, being a pro-gunner, I am biased on the answer. Putting my political views aside, looking at the problem from a logical stand point and looking at history still draws me to the conclusion that more regulations and laws against the law abiding citizen is not the answer.

First off, let’s look at this from a historical stand point. Looking back to the 1700’s, we all know there were a group of people that wanted to cut ties with England to escape the tyranny of the throne. They wanted pure freedom with minimal government and minimal regulations. This group of men faced the largest military in existence at the time, and won our freedoms for us. Without the gun, this would have never happened.

Fast forward to the present and we have government intruding into almost every facet of our lives, commanding us what to do as though we are subjects, not free citizens. To some the gun is evil no matter the hand that holds it. The hands of evil that uses the gun to kill and maim are thought of as victims because of lack of attention as a kid, being bullied at some point, or any other excuse that can be thought up. All the while new restrictions are put upon law abiding citizen’s legal ownership of guns. Politicians wanting more gun control state that if more gun control saves the life of just one child, then it is worth it (all while being for abortion. Ironic, right?).

Politicians created the “Gun Free Zones” thinking that criminals would obey the law (Irony strikes again), yet it has done nothing but create free fire zones that leave potential victims exposed to violent criminals.

Politicians want you to believe that guns in the hands of teachers or administrators will lead to more and deadlier school shootings. Let’s take a look back at 1997 in Pearl Mississippi. A student at Pearl High School decided that after he slit his mother’s throat he would steal the .30-30 and load every round he could fit into his pockets before heading to school. He planned to shoot as many as possible and flee when he heard sirens, where his plan was to head over to the Jr. High School to continue his mayhem. There was one thing wrong with his plan- he did not figure Vice Principal Joe Myrick into his equation. When Vice Principal Myrick heard the first shot, he ran to his truck, grabbed his Colt .45, loaded it and racked a round before going on the hunt for the animal killing his kids. Myrick found the killer coming through parking lot in his car on his way to the Jr. High. Myrick aimed at the killer through the windshield. The killer wrecked and Myrick approached the murderous student and put the .45 to his head. Before Myrick could detain the murderer for the police, the animal managed to shoot nine others resulting in two deaths. The killer loaded a new round with each shot he made. The number of victims would have been much greater if Vice principal Myrick would not have been there. Of course the number might have been smaller if he would have been able to carry inside the school. How many were shot during the time it took him to retrieve his gun and level the playing field?

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Sandy Hook was the deadliest school massacre in recent history, but Bath Michigan still holds the record for the deadliest in our nation’s history. In 1927 a coward rigged the Bath Consolidated School with dynamite and took the lives of 45 people, 38 of which were children. No gun was used in the Bath Massacre.

The sad truth is that the mainstream media will not show or talk about the stories mentioned here, because it will not help further their agenda.

There is one thing that all of the modern day school and public shooters have in common: They all knew that they would become household names with the infamous acts they committed. That is the reason that their names are not used in this article. Remember the victims, not the evil murderers.

If your child was caught in a school, mall, restaurant or other place were a madman shows up, would you want a law abiding citizen with a gun to intervene or would you prefer to wait for the police? Our great nation is at a cross roads. We can either stand for the rights set forth in the Constitution, or we can lie down and become subjects of the nanny state that some are fighting to implement. The opponents to the Constitution want to make sure they “Don’t let a crisis go to waste”. Every time there is something that they can distort and twist to further erode the rights of Americans, they will capitalize on it.

So, will you stand up and fight or will you go silently into the dark night?


Happy Shooting, God Bless America and God bless you and yours


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