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Why Reload?

I was on my local gun club’s forum’s tonight and hit some questions I felt necessary to answer:
1. How many times can a shell be reloaded? 
2. Does anyone have a recipe using the supplies available in the shop? I am looking to shoot skeet with a 12 gauge 1 or 7/8 oz load. I have several boxes of Winchester AAs so I would use those hulls to start. 
3. Do I need to use Winchester primers with Winchester hulls?
To answer the “how many times can you reload a shell”:
That depends on your loader, your loads and your technique. I personally think Win AA’s have lost some durability in years past and have switched to Remmy hulls (Gun club, sts, nitro, etc).  They are consistent with 1oz loads, crimp nice in the MEC that I have and go in and out of my gun well.  Your gun, reloader and personal preferences may have you lean towards the AA’s.
As far as books, both Alliant and Hogdon are great.  I’ve used both the hogdon and alliant web tools.  Alliant’s is far better due to the ability to filter on the components you want.  Hogdon’s web tool does not let you filter on wad or primer.  It’s a little unwieldy to navigate the full sheet when all you need is something for th TG12, CB100-12,  or your shop only carries CCI209s and Win209s.
Consult the websites of the major powder manufacturers:
  • Alliant site: [url]http://www.alliantpowder.com[/url]
  • Hogdon site: [url]http://data.hodgdon.com[/url]
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For skeet, I go for recipes that have 1oz lead at around 1150fps.  For clays, 1oz at 1250fps.  Find something that works and stick to it (I say that as someone that tries a few new recipes here and there, but always comes home to my standard).
A last note: Buy a good scale.  I use an RCBS balance scale.  I check powder drops two times per box.  It’s not about adjusting from shell-to-shell ,that’s not the point – it’s about knowing something is wrong with your setup.  I have changed from my standard on a new batch of powder.  If suddenly a new lot of powder drops heavier, I want to know.  If temperature or humidity affects the drop .. etc.  I want to know that my shells go bang every time and that they travel at the velocity I expect.
You will enjoy reloading much more if you check your drops occasionally with a scale.  There is no greater deterrent to reloading than having shot shells that doesn’t go bang or can’t hit birds – other than breaking a gun.  The scale will prevent both.

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