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Wolf Ammunition

Wolf performance ammunition is a trademark that is associated with an American owned company named Sporting Supplies International (SSI) and has been a leading producer in good quality, affordable ammunition for over a decade now. Many professional marksmen have found the brand Wolf Ammunition to be highly effective for a range of purposes. Wolf has a diverse line of options for any purpose of shooting from hunting to just practicing at the shooting range. This brand of ammunition has been used for everything imaginable by olympians and amateurs alike, proving it to be a universally effective brand of ammo.

Where is Wolf Ammo made?

Wolf ammunition is based out of Placentia, California, but provides ammo to shooters across the world through their wide distribution network. While Wolf ammunition is primarily manufactured in the Tula district of Russia, you can find their factories and distribution centers all over the world.

What kind of bullets does Wolf make?

Wolf Performance Ammunition produces a variety of ammo in different materials and qualities for your best shooting experience. Whether you are wanting to burn a few thousand rounds at the range or carry solely for protection, Wolf Ammo has ammunition that will fit your exact shooting purpose.

Wolf brand ammunition is separated into three categories; Training (steel-cased polyformance line), hunting (brass-cased Gold line) and competition (.22 match line) as well as their reloading supplies to pair with the Gold line. While each category will have its advantages and disadvantages depending on the usage, they are all quality rounds intended for efficient and safe shooting.

The training line of Wolf ammunition can be considered the base or economy ammo. This is the classic steel cased “military classic” ammunition that you will find at surplus stores and other discount vendors. The steel casings tend to get a bad reputation for misfeeding or jamming, but Wolf has countered this issue by adding a polyformance coating on the ammo to reduce weapon malfunctions and improve the user’s experience. While this ammunition makes for great target practice, higher quality is offered by Wolf if you are looking for more than rounds to send down range. Of course, with this being the classic military surplus style of ammunition, you are still receiving quality that has been trusted around the globe in a list of different wars. Wolf’s training ammo is usually the cheapest and most sensible option for stocking up on extra ammunition and is the most widely available out of the three different types that Wolf offers.

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The mid class of ammunition provided by Wolf would be their hunting line. This ammo uses a reloadable brass casing for upgraded performance and smoother round feeding compared to steel casings. Wolf has several different tactical and defense rounds available for unbeatable stopping power. Wolf’s hunting cartridges are attentively created including a reloadable brass casing, Boxer primer, and a highly specific amount of smokeless powder to give hunters and other serious marksmen the quality needed to ensure a successful shot each time. You can save money on the Gold line of ammunition by reloading your spent rounds and recycling casings after using them. By using proper instructions, you could be saving money and packing perfect rounds using Wolf’s Gold line of ammunition.

The top quality of Wolf ammunition, Competition ammo, is typically used for just that. Because of the attention and quality that goes into making this ammunition, it is usually reserved for a higher purpose than target shooting. While this line only comes in .22 long rifle, it is specifically designed to win shooting competitions and has a high undeniable reputation in both national and international competitions. With Wolf’s unmatched competition ammunition, you can depend on a reliable and accurate shot. Including a clean burning powder and virtually no variance between bullet cases, these rounds are the best option for competition shooting and marksman that can’t stand to miss.

Most Popular Wolf Brand Ammo Types

While all of Wolf Brand Ammo impresses, their most popular ammo for hunting and tactical applications are their Rifled Slug and Buckshot ammos. For more of competition style ammo, their RimFire ammunition is consistent, accurate and Olympic grade. Wolf Performance Ammunition offers Performance Primer as well to ensure precision and dependable ignition for shooting.

How can I buy Wolf Ammo?

Many firearm users are able to save big time when they buy ammunition in bulk versus buying box by box. Sites like Bite the Bullet offer major discounts when buying in bulk. While you may find Wolf ammo in military surplus stores or on sale somewhere, these sites are a reliable way to lower cost while buying as many rounds as you need. They provide a consistent platform for finding all your ammunition in a multitude of calibers and casings. This will give you the freedom to pick the best rounds for your shooting purposes. From competition to shooting cans, Wolf has the right ammo for every shooter.

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