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Wyoming Passes Bill to Allow Guns in Employee’s Cars

Many shooting enthusiast have at one time or another been subject to a company policy that makes having a firearm in their personal vehicles while parked on company property an offense that will get them fired. While the policy seems perfectly reasonable from a safety perspective, in reality its nothing more than a waste of time and gas for those that hunt or go to the range after work. According to a Trib.com article, Wyoming legislators are seeking to have their state join 12 others with a truly reasonable law.

The Wyoming House passed legislation on Wednesday that would force employers to allow their workers or customers to store guns in their vehicles while on company property.


Under the legislation, House Bill 207, no company could have a policy that stops any individual from having a firearm in their vehicle while parked on company property, so long as the individual is legally allowed to own the gun and keeps it locked out of view.

Anti-gun activists will certainly show concern over the bill, but what will be false fear. Having a locked firearm in a car does not turn someone into a raging lunatic with a desire to shoot up the office. Anyone that got into that frame of mind would have no trouble with a short drive home to grab knives, bows, swords, guns, bats .. whatever.  All this law does is make things much more complicated for lawful gun owners.

Company policies that prohibit the storage of a firearm in a personal car on company property means that anyone that shoots after work will have to drive home and then drive to the range. If the range is near their home or the house is on the way to the range this presents no real issues. Not many shooters have this luxury and have to drive one direction to fetch their guns and another direction to get to the range. Wyoming’s new bill makes perfect sense and it’s one I hope every other State in the Union picks up very soon.

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  1. Common sense is not alive and well in this country. But good luck with your attempts at sanity in a progressive country.

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