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Gun and Accessory Makers Struggling in 2015

Colt factory

After the windfalls of the Obama firearms sales spree, gun and accessory makers are huge declines in demand and its costing some of them dearly. Just 10 days ago, Colt filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after struggling to make payments on its $250 million in debt. On June 22nd, tactical flashlight maker Surefire announced layoffs company-wide in response to declining

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How to Lighten and Smooth Smith & Wesson Revolver Trigger [Video]

Trigger job on S&W Revolver - video

Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA shows how to lighten and smooth out the trigger on a Smith & Wesson double-action/single-action revolver. Disassembly isn’t shown, but the video shows great detail on how to polish the necessary surfaces to get a lighter, smoother and crisper trigger. Tools/Supplies used: Dykem layout fluid (the purple ink used to visualize polishing efficacy) Power Custom Power

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NC House Votes to Keep Antiquated and Dangerous Pistol Permits in Place


The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association has influence over North Carolina’s representatives than her people do. On Tuesday, June 16, the North Carolina House of Representatives gave in to pressure from the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) and passed an amendment to House Bill 562, offered by state Representative Allen McNeill (R-78), on a vote of 77-38.  As previously reported, the misguided

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