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Why a revolver could have saved them…


The stories are numerous. People who intended to defend themselves found their firearm’s reliability lacking at precisely the moment they needed it – a revolver might have saved them. The argument against wheel-guns (revolvers) is two-fold and wrong – on both counts. First, many question the ammo capacity of revolvers. Revolvers tend to hold between 5 and 6 rounds with a few high-end

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Charges dropped against man who negligently discharged a gun at airport ticket counter


KTRK reports that Charges have been dropped against Joseph Austin who didn’t follow all the rules of firearm safety and managed to negligently discharge a firearm at the airport. HOUSTON (KTRK) –According to airport officials, Austin was at the Delta ticket counter in Terminal A in late June and had a gun in his carry-on baggage. He was taking it

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President using executive action to facilitate largest gun grab in U.S. history


Gun news outlets have covered the basics on the Social Security Administration’s push to affect as many as four million Americans’ right to own firearms, what has not been stressed, is what’s coming next. Social Security leadership seems to be operating based on an executive memo from President Obama from 2013 that was supposedly to improve records-sharing between federal agencies and

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